The One and Only - The Bear’s Den BJJ & MMA

A state of the art training academy in a modern facility.

We are Taichung’s premier martial arts academy, and proud to be the FIRST professionally instructed MMA academy in Taichung founded in 2017.

We offer BJJ classes in English and Chinese for students of all ages and sizes – classes and opponents at many levels of skill.



Top quality training equipment, from the large mats for rolling, wrestling and all forms of grappling, a full-size MMA cage, a selection of heavy bags, medium bags and even a speed bag make up one of the best places to hone your skills or prepare for your next match.

Full Force Fitness

Strength is an important aspect of combat sports. We have all the equipment you need to get strong, fit and flexible.

We have equipment designed for:
Powerlifting: Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press
Strongman: Sled pull/push, ropes, log press
Crossfit: Kettle bells, bumper plates, pull-up equipment, bands, chains
General strength: Fully equipped cable station, dumbbells (up to 40kg), medicine balls, incline bench, glute-ham raise station
Cardio and Conditioning: 2x Treadmills, 2x AeroCycle bikes, 2x Stationary bikes…

… and any combination that works for you.

Welcome to The Bear’s Den

Come on in!

When you come to the doors, please remove your shoes. Inside, you can find cubbies to store your shoes and socks. If you want to come join us on the mats, please turn to the right and wash your feet in the shower stalls. Then come to the mats, bow and it’s time to get started.


Get equipped: Choose your favorite color from our latest Gi selection, our latest rashguard, spats, shorts, gloves, protective equipment and more…


We can answer your questions in English or Chinese.

The Bear’s Den BJJ and MMA 熊派巴西柔術及MMA學院

B1-C, No. 447, Section 3, Wenxin Rd, Beitun District, Taichung City, 406


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    Working hours

    Monday – Friday:
    07:00 – 21:00

    07:00 – 16:00

    Sunday Closed

    Our socials