Datron King

BJJ Coach

BJJ Coach

Datron King

The Bear’s Den BJJ & MMA is pleased to introduce the newest member to our coaching staff, Datron King.

Datron has been a martial arts enthusiast for over 16 years and has an extensive winning track record on the BJJ scene here in Taiwan. Not only has he been training Jiu-jitsu for over 8 years, but he also has studied the traditional martial art of Aikido for an equal amount of time. His Aikido training has definitely benefited him on the mats by learning the use of an opponent’s energy to his advantage.


Datron has captured both gold and silver medals in ADCC, ASJJF’s Dumau, The Kodiak Kup, as well as the Taiwan International Jiu-jitsu Championships. Datron is a very enthusiastic coach and is more than happy to spend time answering questions, and focuses on the subtle details of each technique. He hopes to help his students improve themselves daily on and off the mats!


This video shows Datron’s match at the Taiwan Open in December of 2017 against Naoki Suzue. A great competitive match with a narrow win on points.


Height: 193cm Weight: 106kg
From: Dallas, Texas, USA
Belt rank: Purple, 1 stripe
Years of training: 8 years+.
Favorite move: Five Fingers of Death and other gi chokes

Notable Accomplishments:

Taiwan International BJJ Gi/Nogi Silver Medalist 2017, 2018
Taiwan Jiu-Jitsu Open Silver Medalist 2018
Taiwan Jiu-Jitsu Open Gold Medalist 2019
Dumau International No Gi Championship Silver Medalist 2019
Dumau International Gi Gold Medalist 2019
Grapple Asia ADCC Gold Medalist 2019
Grapple Asia ADCC Silver Medalist 2019
Kodiak Kup 3 Bronze Medalist 2020
Kodiak Kup 5 Silver Medalist 2022
Kaohsiung BJJ Open Bronze Medalist 2022
Kodiak Kup 6 Bronze Medalist 2023
Dumau Taiwan International Gi/No Gi Championship Bronze Medalist 2023

Q&A With the Coach

Why did you start training?

I have always loved martial arts and combat sports. After spending seven years doing Aikido, I moved to Taiwan. After finding a dojo, I simply wasn’t satisfied with many things about it. Afterwards, I found a group of friends that knew a MMA and BJJ fighter. Once I met him, I decided to go and train. It happened to be Head coach Demitri. Life happened and I stopped training after a year. Nine years later, I returned to the mats. Since then, I have trained hard and competed in numerous competitions and have attended seminars with high level black belts like Dave Camarillo and Priit Mihkelson.

What do you love most about BJJ?

One thing I love the most about it is its overall effectiveness as a martial art. People will spend a good twenty years on something that would never actually help them in a real altercation on the streets. Although I never hope to have one, I know for sure that I would be well prepared for it because of my BJJ training.

When did you begin teaching BJJ?

I have subbed a few classes when asked and enjoyed it thoroughly, then coach Demitri asked me to start coaching in May, 2023. So although I’m new to coaching I am very excited for the opportunity to help others. I spend several hours a week watching high level BJJ competitions and techniques taught by the best on mats. I am sure I will be able to help everyone’s game in some way.

What do you try to focus on when coaching?

I focus on the tiny details that make it work and the most common mistakes to avoid.

What is your goal as a coach?

My goal as a coach is to have my students succeed on and off the mats. Help them develop mental and intestinal fortitude that helps them in all areas of their life. But obviously, I want to see my students competing and doing their best, no matter the result.


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