Hong Ying Hua

Wrestling Coach

Wrestling Coach

Hong Ying Hua - 洪英華

The Bear’s Den BJJ & MMA is proud to introduce its wrestling coach, Hong Ying Hua.

Ying Hua is one of the top Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestlers in the country of Taiwan. He has over 17 years of experience, a five time national champion, and has competed extensively in Taiwan and overseas in France, Spain, and Indonesia.

The Bear’s Den is honored to add such an experienced, athletic, and humble coach to its already very strong coaching team. No matter what your experience level, come and join us for Coach Ying Hua class on Thursday at 20:10 and Saturday at 10:30.


Height: 168 cm Weight: 71kg
From: Taiwan/Nantou County(Sedek)
Years of training: 17 years
Favorite move: Suplex

Notable Accomplishments:
  • 2023 National Aboriginal Games wrestling champion
  • 2021 National Games Champion
  • 2019 National Games Champion
  • 2018 Spain World Cup Wrestling (Top 12)
  • 2018 Taiwan Asian Wrestling International Invitational Champion – Gold Medal
  • Asian Cup Wrestling Championships Team
  • 2018 Jakarta Asian Games Wrestling – 5th place
  • 2017 France World Cup Wrestling Team
  • 2017 Asian Cup Wrestling Championships Team
  • 2016 Asian Cup Wrestling Championships – 5th place
  • 2015 Asian Youth Wrestling – 5th place
  • 2011 Asian Junior Wrestling – 3rd place
  • 110 National Games Champion – Gold Medal
  • 108 National Games Champion
  • 106 Champion of College Games
  • 106 National Games Champion
  • 104 University Games Champion – Gold Medal
  • 104 National Games Champion – Gold Medal

Q&A With the Coach

Why did you start wrestling?

Since I was a kid, I have loved sports. However, I was a little thin and started to love this sport after I was exposed to wrestling in junior high school. Not only can you increase your physical skills, but you can also strengthen your body.

What do you love most about Wrestling?

I love the invisible growth that happens after each training session. Not only the physical changes, but also the skill that comes from training.

When did you begin teaching Wrestling?

I started wrestling at 13 years old. Wrestling is for ages 5 to 60+… In addition to getting stronger! There is a lot of training involving Fitness, fat loss and self-defense. It is also very suitable for general athletes.

Wrestling is also a very important skill in MMA.

What do you try to focus on when coaching?

I focus on etiquette and student safety.
1. Teach students the basic movements and protect their safety
2. Shake hands with your opponent before and after a wrestling match.
This is also an etiquette to respect the opponent.

What is your goal as a coach?

To create the best players and the best team for the top champions. I want to promote wrestling as a sport for all people to participate.


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