Julio Benitez

BJJ Coach

BJJ Coach

Julio Benitez

Julio is from California, USA and has been training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for over five years. He is a second degree blue belt. Julio coaches the fundamentals classes at The Bear’s Den and is honored to share his skills with newcomers to BJJ. Julio teaches with a smooth and calm teaching style. He is always seeking to further his grappling knowledge and loves to pay very close attention to the details. 


In 2019 Julio won the Gold at heavyweight at the Taiwan International Open. His favorite submission is the Darce choke and he has a very strong half guard game. Recently he has been focusing on his wrestling and rounding out his game, focusing on top control. Julio is as hard working a coach as he is a student and over the past few years he has lost a significant amount of weight due to his diligence to his art, diet and overall change to a healthy jiu jitsu lifestyle.


This video shows Julio’s winning fight when he took Gold in 2019 at the Taiwan International Open. Hard fought and won by points against an experienced opponent in the heavyweight division.


Height: 186cm Weight: 106kg
From: California, USA
Belt rank: Blue
Years of training: 4 years+. Started training in 2007.
Favorite move: Darce choke from side control

Notable Accomplishments:
2019 Taiwan International
• Gold – White Belt – Heavyweight Division

Q&A With the Coach

Why did you start training?

I wanted to lose weight while learning how to defend myself.

What do you love most about BJJ?

There is never a boring day while training BJJ, I can learn something new every day making the work-out interesting and exciting. I have also made friends all from all over the world thanks to this sport.

When did you begin teaching BJJ?

February 2021

What do you try to focus on when coaching?

When I first started training, I remember feeling frustrated because I couldn’t perform simple movements and couldn’t follow along with the class. As a fundamentals coach, I try to eliminate the frustrations a new student might encounter while learning BJJ by explaining moves in detail and fixing common errors.

What is your goal as a coach?

To help new students feel comfortable in an environment that can be challenging while at the same time, growing as a BJJ practitioner.


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