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Sarah Huang

The Bear’s Den BJJ & MMA is excited to introduce its yoga teacher, Sarah Huang. Sarah has been practicing yoga for over five years and has been teaching for two years. She has completed her HAMSALAYA  RYS 200 hours of yoga teacher training. Sarah frequently attends many yoga workshops and seminars held by famous teachers from many different countries in order to expand and further her knowledge about the body, mind and spirit. When Sarah isn’t practicing yoga, she enjoys working on interior design projects which helps her flourish her creativity.


Sarah has been an important addition to The Bear’s Den coaching staff and has been helping all our athletes improve their flexibility, strength and breathing patterns while on the mats. She has a keen eye for attention to detail and is always there to help students with posture and positional corrections. Her happy and enthusiastic energy gets everyone motivated and encourages us to hold the positions just a little bit longer, while focusing on our breathing. She is fantastic at pushing us that extra inch or two that we all need. Her class is perfect for anyone looking to calm their mind, relax their body and refresh their spirit.


From 來自: 台灣省南投市
Years of practice 訓練年資:  2年
Training: 台灣內觀中心10日課程
HAMSALAYA  RYS 200瑜珈師資證書

Pursue Harmony

Harness Tranquility

Q&A With the Coach

Why did you start practicing yoga?  


What do you love most about yoga? 


When did you begin teaching yoga? 


>>2020/12月,沒想過要教學,只是剛好有這樣的機會,我認為是”分享”一詞取代 ”教學”更為適當。同是瑜珈練習者,我只不過是踏入的時間比別人早一些罷了,因此會慢慢地分享我所知道的瑜珈古老智慧。

What do you try to focus on when teaching? 





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