Tim Hong 洪冠騰

Boxing Coach

Boxing Coach

Tim Hong - 洪冠騰

The Bear’s Den BJJ & MMA is proud to introduce its boxing coach, Tim Hong.

Tim Hong is one of the top boxers in the country of Taiwan. He’s a two times national champion and two time Presidents Cup winner. He has over 8 years of experience, with multiple times representing Taiwan as an International competitor.

The Bear’s Den is honored to add such an exciting up and coming coach to our coaching team. No matter what your experience level, come and join us for Coach Tim’s class on Fridays at 20:10.


Height: 178 cm Weight: 81kg
From: Taiwan, Gaoxiong City
Years of training: 8 years
Favorite move: dodge, catch and counterattack

Notable Accomplishments:
  • 2023 National President’s Cup Boxing Championship – 75kg – Gold
  • 2023 112th National College and University Games – 75kg – 2nd Place
  • 2022 National High School Games – 75kg – Gold
  • 2022 Member of the Chinese Taipei National team at the World Youth Boxing Championships – 75kg
  • 2022 World School Games – 71kg – 5th Place
  • 2022 Member of the Chinese Taipei national team at the World School Games – 71kg
  • 2021 National President’s Cup Boxing Championship – 75kg – Gold
  • 2021 National High School Games – 75kg – Gold

Q&A With the Coach

Why did you start training?

I was fat when I was a child, and I didn’t want to be laughed at and called fat. I started boxing because I thought it would help me lose weight and gain muscle. When I won the championship and stood on the podium, I felt a sense of honor and pride. I made my family proud.

What do you love most about Boxing?

Even though boxing is an individual sport, I really enjoy the atmosphere of camaraderie during training. When we’re all exhausted at the end of a workout, the team spirit doesn’t diminish, but instead we shout loudly and give it our all. It’s the greatest respect for the coach’s training schedule.

When did you begin teaching Wrestling?

In my third year of junior high school, my启蒙教练 (啟蒙教練) said to me, “Guanteng, do you want to be a coach?” At that time, my成績 (chéngjì) (performance) wasn’t very good, so I told the coach, “But my成績 (chéngjì) (performance) isn’t very good.” The coach said, “Although everyone looks at成績 (chéngjì) (performance), a good athlete is not necessarily a good coach, and a good coach is not necessarily a good athlete.” Of course,成績 (chéngjì) (performance) is important, but the main thing is to have a heart that strives for improvement. From the third year of junior high school, the coach recommended me to teach boxing and aerobics classes to uncles and aunts in the community. I taught for about four years, until I graduated from high school.

What do you try to focus on when coaching?

Safety first, boxing skills are secondary. What is important is the etiquette in the boxing ring, and the character of boxing. No matter how good a boxer is, if their character is not good, it is all bad.

What is your goal as a coach?

To reach a higher level, achieve better results, gain more new knowledge, and create more excellent athletes.


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