Complete harmony between the mind, body and spirit

Yoga Instruction

We are Taichung’s premier martial arts academy, and proud to be the FIRST professionally instructed MMA academy in Taichung.

We have been running Yoga classes on Fridays for several years now as part of our athletic regimen for flexibility, static strength and breathing control.

Classes are taught in Chinese and English for students of all skill levels and sizes.


YOGA – Age 13 and over
Complete harmony between the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga is an ancient group (or “union” in Sanskrit) of practices consisting of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines. It is not a religion, but instead is a 5000 year old philosophy. Yoga refers to the practice of physical postures or poses called “asana’s”. Asana is only one type of yoga and there are many different kinds that specialize in certain aspects of the human body including flexibility, breathing and strength. 

Program Description

Our yoga classes are designed to benefit all levels of athletic ability, and to help strengthen and stretch our bodies after vigorous training sessions throughout the week. These classes will place a strong emphasis on breathing as well as static poses. Teacher Sarah has a wealth of experience,and will guide students through their yoga progression with patience and positional correction.


Program Goals:

  • To feel more relaxed and learn to stay relaxed through proper breathing techniques.
  • Add vitality to your spine, improving all systems of the body, especially the glands and nerves.
  • Improve overall muscular flexibility and tone
  • Increase rate of recovery and decrease level of tight and soreness
  • Improve the quality of sleep

Curriculum Includes:

  • Overview of the basic poses, positions and breathing methods.
  • How to use your movements and breathing in yoga to carry-over to your martial arts.
  • Feedback and correction of positions during the class.
  • Basic to moderate difficulty, and is suitable for everyone.
  • Learn yoga related terms in Chinese.

Harness Tranquility

Pursue Harmony




We can answer your questions in English or Chinese.

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